Induction Motor

Induction Motor

We are counted amongst successful Induction Motor Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers. We offer Induction Motors under the brand of NEWGOLD, which has been trusted globally. For over last 28 years, NEWGOLD squirrel cage Induction Motor (in single phase & three phase) has been served in industrial and special purpose machine field and agriculture field. Modern manufacturing system supported by high-tech design and high quality control for special purpose machines computer and communication technology integrates this with our marketing and distribution network; endorsed by our ISO 9001:2000 certification. NEWGOLD Induction Motor has been designed in deferent voltages, frequencies and other specialized designs (in single phase 110 volt to 440 volt 50 Hz and 60 Hz and motor RPM design in 8 Pole, 6 Pole, 4 Pole and 2 Pole design) as per customer requirements. We manufacture especially Single Phase Motor Design (220 Volt to 415 Volt), in same motor design by selector switch to select operated voltage.

NEWGOLD - 3 Phase Induction Motor, especially designed for Industrial Machine :

  • Single speed, double Speed And three speed by selector switches.
  • 48 volt 3 phase to 1100 volt 3phase and 25Hz to 400 Hz frequency.
  • Foot mounted flange mounted and face mounted motors.
  • Crane motor and Host duty motor.
  • Brake motor
  • Torque motor (specially design for rotor to operate a push type RPM)
  • Treadmill motor (with balancing wheel safety for suddenly tripping the supply create extra torch).
  • All motor specially care in design and briefly balance of motor rotor by international balancing grade 2.
  • Especially low voltage motor design for grass cutting machine in single phase and three phase safety for human body by electrical short.

Applications :

  • Electrical applications
  • Engineering applications
  • Science Laboratories

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Type Induction Motor
Weight 10-20kg, 20-30kg
Color Metallic
Power 3-6kw
Pressure High Pressure, Medium Pressure Low Pressure
Phase Double Phase, Sigle Phase
Warranty 1year
Speed 1000-2000rpm

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    Induction Motor 01
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    Induction Motor 02
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    Induction Motor 03
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    Induction Motor 04
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    Induction Motor 05

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